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At Coco Future Technologies, we’re pioneers in the field of Cloud Computing & DevOps with in IT services. We help established enterprises & startups to move away from traditional IT infrastructure, systems & processes to modern serverless infrastructure with automated workflows, team collaboration & custom cloud solutions.
Our dedicated team of Cloud & DevOps experts will help you in assessing, consulting, designing, implementing, testing, optimizing & automating cloud infrastructure based on your enterprise needs.
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Our Expertise

We provide a full range of cloud computing services which includes.

Complete Cloud Solutions

We provide complete cloud operations from strategic planning to deployment using the latest tools & technologies - AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure.

ML, AI, and Data Science

Advanced systems capable of handling complex CNC delivery models for enhanced customer engagement using legacy big data systems.


Our DevOps services help firms build and deliver products more quickly and reliably utilizing industry-standard orchestration tools - Airflow, Cubeflow, Oozie, Luigi, Azkaban, Step Functions.

Robotic Process

Our DevOps engineers automate every step of the process, from code to cloud, using CI/CD and your preferred tooling.

Remote Hosting Services

Whether it's a public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment, we can help you build a cloud architecture that's built to last.


We use the best cloud leaders stack up, the hybrid market, and the key SaaS players. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud.

Our Approach

With Coco Future Technologies, you can rest assured that we have the ability to adapt, implement, and grow the technologies necessary to meet your goals.

Discovery Meeting

We’ll schedule a meeting to understand your goals and requirements for the project. We’ll assess the scope of the work needed and discuss our approach to achieving it.


Our experts will devise a client-specific strategy using AI driven tools & technologies. Leverage our expertise to get a head start for your business.


To establish & maintain cloud-based tools, implementation, testing and support in the design process.


Our DevOps engineers will follow a set of DevOps practices on the cloud network by allocating efficient cloud resources among various use cases.

Automation & Testing

Redesign and development of cloud-based applications, speeding up the delivery of software. Making development in an iterative and gradual manner.

Maintenance & Support

Going beyond the boundaries of a certain project, on-demand workload management, secured data storage, security & risk assessment. Reporting & auditing of systems & processes.

Case Studies

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Our Capabilities

We can help you develop game-changing cloud-based solutions & DevOps performances that grow & scale like none other.

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